Posted by: Food Lover | July 7, 2017

16 Nonalcoholic Summer Drinks to Refresh and Rehydrate

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I’ve been on a little bit of a fitness kick lately, so I’ve been trying to cut down on booze. That might be hard this summer—there are few things that I like more on a hot day then sitting out by the pool with a beer or cocktail. To stay honest, I’m going to try to keep enough delicious nonalcholic drinks on hand that booze won’t be tempting. Standards like lemonade and iced tea should get me through most days, and when I want something a little more exciting I’ll try a mocktail with cucumber and shiso or rhubarb and lime juice. If you’re looking to follow my example, keep reading for 16 of our favorite summery nonalcoholic drink recipes.

• Ultra-Flavorful Fresh Lemonade
• The Best Iced Tea
• The Best Arnold Palmer
• Ultra-Flavorful Fresh Limeade
• Frothy Iced Matcha Green Tea
• Shiso Fine
• Fig and Balsamic Soda
• Rhubarb Juice
• Booze-Free Rhubarb Lime Gimlet
• Rhubarb-Ginger Cooler
• Lemongrass-Ginger Horchata
• Tangy Kumquat-Pear Juice
• Sparkling Sumac Lemonade
• Spicy Honeydew and Coconut Water Agua Fresca
• Strawberry and Cantaloupe Agua Fresca With Thyme
• Orange, Rosewater, and Mint Sparkler

Get the recipes here:

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