Posted by: Food Lover | May 8, 2014

Wall of Shame: Trailer Trash Dog

We had been driving across Bloor St. W in Toronto when we caught sight of a diner named “Disgraceland”.  The name alone caught our interest and we went online to check out their menu offerings.  When we noticed the menu heading “Doggiestyle” had a Trailer Trash hot dog and the desserts included deep fried mars bars… we had to go.  The Wall of Shame demanded it! Indeed, we owed it to all those who actually find love in their hearts for the infamous Taco-In-A-Bag to break new ground in disparaging dining.

The Trailer Trash Dog was an all beef dog drowned in melted cheez whiz and topped with crushed potato chips!  Oh the disgrace!  A dish so shameful, the Disgraceland diner couldn’t even keep it on the menu.

trailer trash hot dog

The sad truth is, growing up poor, one of us loved melted cheez whiz on their dogs as a kid. Then again, we couldn’t afford much.  Nor were we old enough to understand it was spelled “cheez” because it’s actually an edible petroleum bi-product – it’s not cheese at all, it’s post-apocalypse survival food.  Go ahead, show us cheez whiz that’s ever gone moldy, despite it’s ancient expiry date – it doesn’t.  That jar will outlive your great-grand children.

We’re happy to say, this proved every bit as Wall of Shame praise-worthy as we hoped it would be.  You didn’t even get the satisfying crunch of the potato chips because the cheez whiz made them all soggy…. mmmmmm.  We will say the dog itself was actually pretty damn good, and we’re pleased to see they’ve got a great menu with much better suited toppings for the good all-beef mouthfuls.

So there you have it Taco-In-A-Bag lovers, another delicacy for you to indulge in.

trailer trash hot dog2

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