Posted by: Food Lover | July 14, 2013

Wall of Shame: Smalec

Butter?! Pffffffffffftttt!  That stuff’s for health wimps!  At least that’s what my Polish Uncle, pickled with years of dedicated vodka indulgence would say. Okay… maybe he’s my imaginary Polish Uncle, but it’s a fair archetype!  Back in the old country we would indulge in Smalec, basically a seasoned pork lard.  My fellow Culinary Slut had his first taste while we traveled through Poland, and upon seeing the horror on is face did I really appreciate what I was eating. Sometimes you lose context when you’re too close to something.  This artery clogging goodness is seasoned with garlic, pepper and whatever other spice mix the kitchen has decided to concoct, then spread liberally on dense sourdough bread.   I suppose in our past we burned those calories off working  fields and pounding back some vodka. Today we still do the vodka… and we get fat.  Ahhh, the old country.



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