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There’s been a long lag of time between dining at Phayathai (named after a district in central Bangkok) and finally posting this review, so you will have to forgive us for being somewhat vague. However, ever since our taste buds were delighted by the food here, we have been dreaming of returning the moment we set foot in Montreal.

Po Taek (seafood soup)

We often judge the quality of a restaurant by how well they do soup. To do well it can be time consuming, soup made with shortcuts can be quite bland. It speaks to the care a kitchen takes when the bowl of soup is delicious. This Po Taek soup is a classic Thai seafood dish, and this was executed to perfection. The flavours were perfectly balanced, which can be hard to come by with this particular dish. The seafood was also quite generous in serving size and excellent in quality.

larp ped (duck lemongrass salad)

We’re huge fans of duck, and we’d never seen Larp Ped on a menu before. This lemongrass duck salad was a revelation, with a flavour profile that changed as you enjoyed the dish.

Kung prik sod – Shrimp sauteed in onion and chili sauce.

Also fans of chili sauces, we ordered the Kung Prik Sod, a shrimp dish. It was inevitable as the soup made it clear that the quality of the shrimp was fantastic, large, firm and sweet. This dish didn’t disappoint, but it is a commentary on the quality of the rest of the dishes that this dish felt like one that we could get at any quality Thai restaurant.

Kob phad kha pao

To our point above about the uniqueness of their dishes, we’ll end with our favourite experience of the night. Kob Phad Kha Poa caught our eye immediately; we’ve never seen frog’s legs on a Thai menu, and served with “crispy basil”? We had to try it, and thank God we did! We love frog’s legs, and these were the best we’ve ever had. Plump, meaty, juicy and flavour infused. Most notably however, was the crispy basil. These beautiful large basil leaves were carefully flash fried. We were so astounded at the texture and flavour we had to ask the server about them. He explained that they are carefully fried on a pan in a single layer, for no more than thirty seconds. Not only was it a trip to eat crispy basil, but the heat released the flavours normally locked in the leave’s natural oil, making the taste unforgettable.

We can’t say enough about the food, and are dying to go back. The menu is unique, adventurous and offers much to the experienced Thai diner.

Golden Square Mile
1235 Rue Guy
Montréal, QC
(514) 933-9949

Phayathai on Urbanspoon


Website: Though the text is in french, the menu option does provide English

Urban Spoon

Trip Advisor

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