Posted by: Food Lover | July 10, 2012

Cafe Presto

Having had just checked into our hotel, we were prowling the nearby streets famished. Just around the corner we found a cozy little restaurant called “Cafe Presto”. It was casual, and promised light meals (repas leger in French) which was precisely what we were looking for.

Inside Cafe Presto

We were greeted by the avuncular owner. This charming older gentleman led us to our table. As we sat down we asked for water, mentioning that we’d get wine with dinner. “Jolly Good,” he replied in his warm accent.

Hot Italian Sausage Pasta

There’s no menu, he just rhymes off what’s available for the day. We selected our dishes and then asked for half a liter of wine; he didn’t pause to ask us what we’d like. He simply returned with two bistro style wine glasses (think family dinner table wine glasses on the Sopranos) and the house red.

We had a Hot Italian Sausage Pasta and a Beef Stew. Things come delicately flavoured, the tomato sauce is always fresh, and it feels like home cooking. This is a lovely spot to grab a simple and delicious quick lunch or early dinner.

It’s the atmosphere of this place that really drew us in, and what will draw us back.

Cafe Presto on Urbanspoon

Cafe Presto:
1244 Stanley Rue, Montreal
(514) 879-5877

Cafe Presto On Yelp:

Cafe Presto On RestoMontreal

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