Posted by: Food Lover | November 12, 2011

Weczeria Food And Wine

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We started enjoying their culinary delights at their first location, which was much smaller but every bit as good. Having had enjoyed success in the Saskatoon food scene, they recently moved to a larger location very nearby.

It’s hard to know where to begin to explain how much we’ve enjoyed all of our visits to Weczeria. The new location has a great vibe, incorporating fabulous and funky decor playing with tasteful and classy “junk art”.

The menu changes about every two weeks so it’s hard to review specific dishes. The menu features local products and includes a very good, strictly Canadian wine list. We’ve come to dislike restaurants with encyclopedic wine lists, and appreciate that Weczeria has a concise, but varied listing of very good wines that will accompany anything on the menu – and that’s all you really need.

The Menu Always Changes

Part of the vibe is the chalkboard menu which they bring to each table and explain to you, encouraging questions from their diners. They always leave it with you for a while so you can contemplate your choices.


They almost always have gnocchi on the appetizer menu; however, they change how it’s served, using different sauces and toppings. They often serve it in a crispy style, however, that’s not a hard rule.

Dan, the owner and chef, knows his flavour combinations and is fearless. There are some unexpected combinations in his dishes but regardless of how odd they sound they always taste fantastic.

Chicken Fricasse

The meats are always tender, never overcooked, and richly flavoured. One of the highlights is the free-range, locally sourced chicken. We normally don’t eat chicken at a restaurant, but it’s so well made here it’s often hard to resist. What truly amazes us is the texture of his chicken; he never overcooks it. Somehow Dan’s pinpointed the point at which chicken is just no longer pink on the inside, then he immediately removes it from the heat leaving it fabulously moist.

Wild Boar

Desserts are equally outstanding. In our experience creme brulee and lemon tart are always on the menu, for good reason; both are outstanding.

One thing we really appreciate about Weczeria is that their portion sizes are perfect. Diners can enjoy a three course meal without feeling bloated or leaving behind delicious food on their plate. Enjoy your dessert with their exquisite French press coffee; it’s a very generous amount.

A final comment if we may. We note that some Urban Spoon reviewers have complained about the price point and poriton sizes. As mentioned, in our opinion the portion sizes are perfect for fine dining, and the prices for that fine dining are very reasonable. We’ve eaten fine meals from New York, to Paris, to London, to Tokyo (you get the picture) and this is world class food. All that, for no more then $200 (with a bottle of wine and a generous tip included). It’s certainly the best fine dining in Saskatoon, with Truffles as a close runner up.

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