Posted by: Food Lover | November 12, 2011

Saskatoon Asian

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Our favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Asian is the kind of place that just gets better and better with each subsequent visit. Carey, Shaun and Kevin have a way of making you feel at home (think “Cheers”) and the food is outstanding.

Vietnamese Rolls

On the appetizer end of things, their crispy Vietnamese rolls are outstanding – hot, crunchy and flavourful every time (served with a sweet Nuoc Mam that you are free to heat up with the homemade chili sauce at every table).

Vietnamese Coffee and Fresh Rolls

For the health conscious, their fresh rolls are also delightful – the shrimp and pork rolls are particularly yummy, as is their hoisin based dipping sauce (*Note: the Asian uses no peanuts in any of their food as they are quite conscious of the allergy issue).

Garlic Chicken Wings

Finally, and forget “health conscious” on this one, their garlic chicken wing appetizer is to die for. The deep fried wings (lovingly coated in a light batter) arrive with heaping chunks of fresh garlic adhering to every wing. Squeeze the accompanying fresh lime over all, share with everyone (trust us) and enjoy!

Beef and Shrimp Cabbage Salad

It’s hard to know where to begin when discussing the mains. Like so many Vietnamese restaurants the menu is extensive, and you can either order individual dishes (their non-wonton soups are all very good) or you can order plates to share. Of particular note is their Shrimp and Beef Cabbage Salad (it’s hard to describe how they make cabbage taste so good until you try this dish) and their Seafood Hot Pot (at $23.00 it’s a steal as it easily feeds 3-4 people; whenever we’re there together we inevitably have take-away for eating at home later).

They also make an outstanding Vietnamese coffee (the hot is better than the iced, although the iced is very good).

We’ve never been disappointed, and are hard pressed to go anywhere else for Vietnamese in Saskatoon.

Inside Saskatoon Asian


136 2nd Avenue S
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1K5

(306) 665-5959



  1. I would have to disagree completely. The quality of the restaurant has gone downhill drastically since the ownership of the restaurant changed hands. It seems that is a common observation with people I have talked to.

    • We respect your opinion, but have to in turn respectfully disagree.

      We were one of the many people who have been eating at the Saskatoon Asian since it first opened, and certainly loved the food that the previous owners served up (the original owners know Carey and Shaun and occasionally help out in the restaurant to this day). It’s safe to say that some of the dishes that the previous owners served were better than the current incarnations (e.g.: the rice vermicelli and wonton soups), but it’s also safe to say that many of the current dishes eclipse the quality of the previous owners’. But we could debate this forever and not come to a conclusion.

      We’ll leave you with the following thoughts: check out the UrbanSpoon rating for Saskatoon Asian – 87% likes from 184 voters – it’s not often you see a restaurant do better than that on UrbanSpoon); and, try get into the Asian on a weekday lunch hour anytime after 12 noon. The place is packed with many people, who like us, are regulars. Hard to argue with that.

      P.S. You might want to try Yip Hongs. It’s another of Saskatoon’s fine Asian restaurants that receives very positive reviews and is a favourite of ours. You may find it more to your liking.

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