Posted by: Food Lover | October 5, 2011

Wall Of Shame – Taco In A Bag

In a previous post we mentioned a visit to Lone Pine Pizza and More, located inside the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Though most of the noshing in that post was most pleasant, one item was so dazzlingly awful it needed its own post. More importantly, this “dish” inspired us to create what we affectionately call the Wall of Shame.

Welcome, dear reader, to our first inductee onto said Wall of Shame!

On the menu was “Taco In A Bag”, which we assumed was an actual taco… served in a bag. Not so dear friends! What we received was beyond our wildest imaginings.

They took a less known version of Doritos (Old Dutch Arriba chips) and broke them into smaller bits inside the off-the-rack bag. Then, they cut bag length wise and poured in ground beef that was meant to represent a Mexican taco concoction; best that we could tell it had no discernible flavour at all. To ensure a complete meal, they threw in some chopped up tomatoes, green onions and shredded lettuce.


Oh the shame...

We were given a fork to eat this with, which is against the laws of food physics. How does one eat crushed chips with a fork? In fact, the only thing we could really do was hold the bag up to our mouths and sort of shake in enough to chew.

It’s rather hard to describe the taste sensation. However, we will admit to being completely humiliated that it was actually being consumed. Nay, completely devoured. We were both left feeling dirty, like we had a night of awkward and embarrassing sex with someone unattractive and vulgar. This is perhaps one of the only meals we’ve had that actually made us want to gargle mouthwash as soon as possible after eating.

That said, being the food whores that we are, and being determined to eat what we had willingly ordered, we finished the bag. Not sure if we’re comfortable with what that says about us, but it did allow us to come to a final conclusion about this “dish”; it’s most appropriate for teenage boys with serious munchies and is very much deserving of being the first inductee onto our Wall of Shame.


  1. I thought Taco Bell was bad with tacos…

    Though the chips are good (not crushed and served as a taco that is).

  2. Oh c’mon this is one of my favorite things to eat, and I ain’t a teenager! Hell most adults do actually like eating this. I work at a concession which sells this and it’s one of the best sellers. As for how you eat it with a fork, it’s quite easy

  3. We write this blog with a sense of humour. We are not suggesting that people should not eat this or that no one enjoys it: to each their own! We are not the sole arbiters of taste, but we do have opinions, and here’s one of them: anything that is sold at sports stadiums has a legitimate place on the Wall of Shame. The sheer gluttony without providing any true quality is particularly good if you’ve been enjoying a few cold ones with friends or if you’re young and “unspoiled” by finer dining. In fact we agree that it is amusing and fun to participate when one feels whimsical enough to partake in shameless junk food; that’s why we posted this in the first place 🙂

    • Ok good deal

      • Thanks Bryan. Have fun out there 🙂

  4. Will do 🙂

  5. One of the best things on Earth. They are an international culinary delight and despite the simplicity of it, it is a widely loved dish.

    It’s amazing that you’ve never heard of Taco in a bag before!

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