Posted by: Food Lover | September 27, 2011

Lonepine Pizza And More – Cypress Hills

Lone Pine Pizza is a backwoods greasy spoon located inside the Saskatchewan side of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. There is no inside seating. Simply place your order at the window and grab a picnic table or go back to your tent/cottage. During our many hiking excursions we have eyed this place with increasing curiosity. Generally speaking one is safe ordering a burger on such a venture, which was our first choice. We were both pleased to see that the burgers were manageable, not being fans of monstrous ones that require jaw dislocation to bite into. The meat patty (quite possibly hand formed but we’re not sure) was actually quite well spiced and tender, with cheese freshly melted over the patty and fresh crisp veggies and nicely cooked bacon all cradled in a soft bun.

Though the chili fries were comfortably edible, it’s not an experience we would repeat. The chili was rather bland, and the fries didn’t do a good job holding up to them, soon becoming soggy.

Burger and Chili Fries:

We enjoyed a few more meals here, including wonderful dry ribs, passable pizza for being in the way out and beyond, and a generous and delicious chicken wrap (granted it was poorly wrapped). The most memorable of all, however, had to be the the “Taco In A Bag”. We’ve concluded that this one deserves its own entry as it will be the first in our Wall Of Shame. We’re just trying to find the words to do it, um, justice!


Official Website: Cypress Hills

Cypress Hills
Maple Creek No. 111, SK S0N

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