Posted by: Food Lover | September 11, 2011

Car Picnics

Are you a road warrior? Someone who does long car trips, for travel, camping, pleasure or work? You can leave those bad roadside burger and Chinese joints behind you! Prepare a good car picnic and you’ll just have to stop in to use their washrooms while trying not to touch anything.

Okay, maybe not all of the roadside stops are so bad, but we’ll leave that for another post.

We travel a lot in search of food and fun (same thing, right?!), and while we fly a lot we’ve recently had occasion to share some long drives by car in search of new adventures. So, if you’re like us you’ve had some good fun stopping at little out-of-the-way places to sample local fare, but recently we’ve discovered a new concept in road food – car picnics! A glorious way to enjoy simple and delicious fresh foods!

Here’s how this works – before heading out on a trek that you know will require a meal on the road, stop by a good grocer and stock up on reasonable amounts of tasty, easily transportable eats. On our last trip we bought about 125 grams each of thinly sliced Tuscan rosemary turkey breast and spicy Genoa salami. We also grabbed up some nice, ripe grape tomatoes, some Babybel cheese (no food snobbery – this a picnic, you’re in a car – chill and have fun), grapes, and some truly delicious dried mango slices. Throw in some Fuze drinks, pack all in a thermal bag with a cold pack, and we were ready to hit the road.

From there all that’s required is an appetite, and a passenger who’s creative and in charge of picking and choosing food combos when asked, and of course is also in charge of feeding the driver – lol. There’s something sensual about both feeding and being fed, even when you’re in a car. We can at least glimpse the glory of ancient Roman/Egyptian decadence! On this trip we had much fun trying different combinations: salami wrapped around cheese and tomatoes (like an instant pizza as you chew); salami and turkey wrapped around grapes and cheese (don’t knock it until you try it!); straight up cheese with a grape chaser – you get the picture. Or even straight up without a mix, pop a mouthful of hot salami followed by a cherry tomato to cool your taste buds.

This is fun, it’s healthy, and it lets you be creative – what more do you want?

(*Disclaimer: this is only safe if you have two or more people in the car – it should not be attempted by a solo driver)

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