Posted by: Food Lover | September 11, 2011

Cantanhede O Bairradino (Portuguese Churrasqueira – Toronto)

Cantanhede O Bairradino on Urbanspoon

We had long wanted to share take out from this neighbourhood churrasqueira – it’s located in the Wallace/Emerson neighbourhood in Toronto) – but other diversions had always beckoned. Recently we found ourselves in the perfect position of having to share a midday meal prior to catching a flight, and O Bairradino had just re-opened after their summer vacation. The stars had obviously aligned; who were we to resist?

Braving a heavy rainstorm we set out to select our picnic delights, and we didn’t regret it. We selected a whole roast chicken, an order of roast potatoes, a simple side salad, and their version of peri peri sauce (which is too decadent for words; it’s a traditional, very good peri peri mixed with the drippings from the roast chicken – insert salivating emoticon here – divine).

We popped into the Paris Bakery next door to pick up some fresh, light, crispy loaves of pada bread (don’t let the name fool you – this is a Portuguese bakery; the woman who owns it just lived in Paris for a time) – then it was off home to set out our picnic; we had planned to eat in the back yard but the monsoon-like rain made that impossible, so we set up indoors.

After setting out a lovely indoor picnic table (with far too much food for the two of us – what’s new!?), we tucked into the delights laid out before us. The chicken and potatoes “straight up” were fabulous, but much fun was had in picking various condiments and sides to combine with the chicken and bread for a variety of mini-chicken sammies. All this was complemented by a delicious cider (see our post on Growers 1927 cider) which offset the peri peri perfectly.

All this goes to prove once again that the best food experience is often the most simple. This is pretty much just simple, and delicious, Portuguese home cooking made available to anyone willing to visit the wonderful ladies who prepare the food – don’t miss the opportunity if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Side condiments from our fridge (tomato port tapenade; peri peri mayo; hot mustard)

Roast potatoes; condiments; roast chicken; side salad

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