Posted by: Food Lover | August 20, 2011

Marche De LaVillette

This isn’t anything like Montreal’s famous Schwartz’s, or any other typical Jewish deli that you may be familiar with. This is a traditional Quebecois delicatessen that specializes in traditional terrine (country pate) and local cheese.

It’s very much like a French Bistro, the tables are close together and when it’s busy, it’s crazed! If you listen carefully you’ll find that it’s quite popular amongst locals. Be kind to your server, as they can only have a handful on shift and with the constant turn over, they’re all quite busy. They always do their best, are friendly and if you engage them, full of personality!

One of us has an obsession with their assorted meat platter which allows you to taste their many cold cuts and pates. If you have this plate, spend the extra $15 and get the foie gras pate – possibly the best out there (and we’ve had a lot). Our last visit saw us tip over the edge of indulgence, like the good food whores we are, when we ordered their assorted cheese platter along with the meat. They came on two wooden cutting boards with a basket of cut up baguette, and they leave you to your imagination to mix the flavours.

The meat assortment includes: rabbit terrine, pork terrine, liver terrine, ham, turkey, salami, roast beef and of course we included the foie gras. The roast beef feels like it’s carved fresh off a giant hunk of meat in the back, we could have rubbed our faces in it. The salami was perfectly balanced with fat and spices. The infamous foie gras pate was buttery melt in your mouth deliciousness. Top it with a slice of strawberry and let your taste buds rejoice.

The cheese platter included a creamy brie, a local St. Andre Chevre (oozy creamy goodness), a Quebecois swiss and an unidentified, but wonderful, gouda-like cheese.

Have fun mixing and matching the cheeses and the meats with the sides of spicy mustered, pickles, fig chutney and strawberry.

Ordering both the cheese and meat assorted platters is only for the brave of heart. We are true food whores, and even we couldn’t eat seven hours later. But our attempt clearly made us famous with the staff as they remembered both of us the next day. This is likely something normally shared with groups of four.

Do order a glass of red wine (we had two each, the gluttons that we are), served perfectly at European room temperature – you won’t regret it.

If you can still stand it, do have the coffee. It’s fantastic, almost nutty, rich, thick and strong. If you like cream, ask for extra – you’ll need it. For those who travel, this shall not be unfamiliar as it’s quite typical in Europe.

We were too distracted to take pictures, you’ll have to wait for that food porn for our next visit.


324 rue St-Paul Ouest,
Quartier des Art
Tel: (514) 807 – 8084

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